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Sulfur - Smelly Water

Sulfur water is identified when running water that contains a high amount of hydrogen sulfide gas. The gas escapes into the air when the water is running and gives off a distinct "rotten egg" smell. Sulfur water may induce a laxative effect that can lead to dehydration. This can be of special concern for infants.
Sulfur gas is corrosive and may damage fixtures, HVAC components, and other household appliances.

Hard Water

Hard water is water that contains a high mineral content. You can spot this water condition by the existence of deposits of limestone and chalk build up on your fixtures. These are mineral substances which are usually made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates.
Hard water will shorten the life-span of your water heater and household fixtures. Heating water in appliances such as a water heater will cause deposits of calcium carbonate to form.

Iron Water Staining

Iron water is typically present in two forms:
Soluble ferrous and insoluble ferric iron. Ferrous iron is clear and colorless because it is in a dissolved form. The water may turn cloudy, or in extreme cases, a reddish-brown color begins to form.
This sediment is the oxidized or ferric form of iron that will not dissolve in water.

Water Taste Odors

There are several potential causes for water odors ranging from plumbing issues, naturally occurring earth chemicals such as Sulfur or in more extreme cases they can be produced by bacterial infected sources.
Many are harmless but to be sure it is important to quickly identify the causes of any smells or strange tastes coming from your water supply.

Sediment Water

Sediment is formed from a variety of sources.
The most common form is from naturally occurring Iron and manganese found in most reservoirs.
Another form originates from household or building systems such as water heaters or brass plumbing fixtures. This type of buildup is either calcium carbonate or from brass corrosion called dezincification.

Bacteria Water

We recommend regular water testing to confirm your water supply is safe from pathogens. Coliform bacteria are members of a group of pathogens that may cause gastrointestinal ailments. Coliform infections usually result from ingesting contaminated food or water. Major coliform bacteria include Shigella, which causes dysentery. Certain strains of E. coli may cause urinary tract infections and salmonella.

Acid Water

A common telltale sign of acidic water is the presence of a blue-green staining on your plumbing fixtures.
An Acidic water condition is present when the water pH level is below 7. Alkaline water conditions exist when it is above 7. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has recommended a pH between 6.5 and 8.5 for drinking water. Acidic drinking water can cause health problems through the leaching of heavy metals from plumbing systems. Over the years this can contribute to expensive repairs of leaking plumbing fixtures and pipes.

Chlorine Water

Chlorine is a chemical used in the public water supply to kill bacteria, making it safe for public consumption. Since the concentration is normally low, there is not usually a short-term concern. There is a growing concern about the long-term exposure to trihalomethanes and other disinfection by-products of Chlorine which have shown to be carcinogenic. Only a Chlorine test can tell what your Chlorine levels are, so it is a good idea to have your water tested periodically.

Manganese Water

Manganese is a mineral commonly found in rocks and soil. The EPA recommends a limit of 0.05 mg/l manganese because exceeding this level will cause staining of fixtures, appliances, and clothes. For many industrial purposes, the manganese content should not exceed 0.01 to 0.02 mg/l. Manganese oxidizes slower than iron; it is more difficult to remove from water. An excessive Manganese level gives water a bitter, metallic taste and creates suspended specks, sediments, and stains.

Better Water For Your Home or Business

From hard water filtration to sterile water purification needs, Chambers Water Filtration has a customized treatment plan and over 25 years of experience to provide the right solutions for your home or business.
We've provided solutions for many homeowners as well as commercial and industrial applications.
We have treatment plans to solve all your water needs including issues with; sulfur water, hard water with chalky build up, iron water, water staining, acidic water, sediment buildup, cloudy water or specialty filtration needs.
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