Residential Water Softeners & Filters

Your family deserves clean drinking water free from extra chemicals and bacteria that can exist in household water supplies. Besides clean water, there are many cost-saving benefits you can experience when adding water filtration or softening system to your home.
Chambers Water Filtration's mission is to protect your family from impurities that can exist in both water wells and public water systems.
Excessive minerals in the water supply may cause premature failure of plumbing fixtures and appliances.
In some cases, long-term exposure to some chemicals can lead to severe health issues.

Water Softeners remove chemical ions that cause water to be hard.
The softening occurs after removing chemicals such as calcium and magnesium.
When hard water enters the systems resin bed, the hard chemical ions are removed through an ion exchange process, so only clean; softened water passes through to your home.
In most cases, magnesium and calcium are sources contributing to hard water. In some cases, low-levels of iron ions can be removed during water softening.
Water softeners are connected directly to the water supply.

Water filtration quarantines chlorine, contamination from biological and industrial sources. As the public water distribution infrastructure ages, naturally occurring substances can degrade the taste and feel of water. Whole home water filters are preferred by many homeowners and restaurant owners because they provide clean water from every water source leading to the home or building. These systems filter out impurities from the water as soon as it enters the building, ensuring chemicals and contaminants are removed.
Immediate benefits include clean water for drinking, cooking for bathing and brighter clothes after laundering. The water quality and treatment needs will vary from building to building. Only periodic water quality testing will discover what is safe and right for your residence or business.

Residential Water Systems

Chambers Water Filtration has solutions for all your residential water problems. Whether you have hard water, sulfur water or acidic water, we will perform water testing and create a custom plan to resolve your water issues. Some water problems can affect the long-term health of family members. Our free water testing will help you provide a piece of mind for you and your family.
Water issues can also damage the fixtures and water supply lines in your home. The right system can prevent costly household repairs and insurance claims.
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