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We Bring  Better Water To Residents Of Middle Georgia And Save Them Money Too!

For over 25 years we have been specializing in hard to treat water in central Georgia. We have the hands-on expertise to treat all types of water. We can solve your water problems quickly and efficiently. Best of all, our equipment pays for itself by saving you more than the cost to own it. Get your copy of our free report "The Top Ten Ways Water Filters Save Money In Georgia".

Chambers Water Central GA well waterRural Water Solutions

No one knows central GA water like Chambers Water . We have helped more of your friends and neighbors in central Georgia than any other company. If you have lime scale, rust, sulphur or other well problems, we can provide a no-hassle solution that is fast and inexpensive. No matter what water or well challenges you face, call Chambers Water at 800-226-7331 or 478-272-7331  


Municipal Water Solutions

Chambers Water Central GA drinking waterIf you live in an area where the county or city provides your water, Chambers Water has your solution too. We will remove the chlorine that gives your drinking water that "bleach odor". We will give you water that means you never have a bad hair day, water that makes your skin younger and smoother. We'll even cut the time you spend on housework. We'll do all this and save you money too. Your family deserves better tasting water. Call Chambers Water at 800-226-7331 or 478-272-7331  

Relax With Our No Problems Service Umbrella

chambers water service dublin GAWhen you are a customer of Chambers Water you will never have to worry about the quality of your family's water again. We will deliver salt and other items you need and we will cover you with out exclusive service umbrella that covers your equipment against service problems.



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